Dec 28, 2012

Friday Cocktail | The Sugar Plum

Friday Cocktail | The Sugar Plum

I don't think it's any secret that I am a big fan of Nancy Silverton. Her book, Nancy Silverton's Breads from the La Brea Bakery: Recipes for the Connoisseur is a bread head's inspiration.

Last year, she published The Mozza Cookbook: Recipes from Los Angeles's Favorite Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria. Of course I "needed" it.

While looking through the book for appetizer ideas for our family's Italian themed Christmas Eve dinner, I discovered the cocktail section of the book. There are five, all really interesting sounding. She prefaces these recipes with a discussion of the Italian preference for only a few options for the pre-dinner hour, usually a glass of Prosecco. She describes her cocktails as "conceived in an Italian spirit and executed in an American one."

Serendipitously, I had all of the ingredients for the one I most wanted to try. It's my new favorite.

The Sugar Plum cocktail

The Sugar Plum

Pomegranate Reduction 

(Makes enough for eight cocktails. Can be stored in the refrigerator up to one week.)
1/4 C pomegranate juice (like Pom)
1/4 C sugar

Bring the ingredients to a boil and reduce to a simmer until the mixture thickens into a thin syrup. Cool before using. 

The Sugar Plum

(Makes one cocktail)
2 ounces gin
1 ounce grapefruit juice
1 1/2 tsp pomegranate reduction


Chill a martini glass in the freezer.
Place all of the ingredients into an ice filled shaker and shake until thoroughly chilled. The shaker should be nice and icy on the outside. 
Strain the ingredients into the chilled glass.


Wouldn't these be lovely on New Year's Eve? 

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