Jul 23, 2014

Stir-Fried Fuzzy Melon and Ginger Pork | Wok Wednesdays

Stir-Fried Fuzzy Melon

Stir-Fried Fuzzy Melon and Ginger Pork

Fuzzy melon you ask? 

It's sort of like a big cucumber with a fine bit of fuzz on the outside. I'm just grateful that Grace Young, the author of Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge, posted a photo of fuzzy melons on the Wok Wednesday Facebook page, because the sign in the Asian market next to what looked a lot like Grace's photo said Moqua. The skin was fuzzy and it looked like Grace's photo.... 

Later, Grace translated moqua for me. Mo=hair, and qua=melon. Read more about fuzzy melon here

This dish is so easy and the flavor is simply amazing. A small amount of ground pork, soy sauce, chicken broth, some smashed ginger, salt and pepper, and fuzzy melon topped with a bit of sesame oil and fresh scallions. 

This made a great side dish with barbecued flank steak. So good. 

I did make one aesthetic error. I misread the instructions and thought I had to slice the fuzzy melon lengthwise. Check out the links on the Wok Wednesdays page for beautifully sliced fuzzy melon cut the proper way. Next time. Still, very very tasty. 

For the recipe, check out page 232 of the book. You'll discover a whole new world of flavors!


  1. Love your Wok Wednesday posts, everything looks so good! Just got Grace's book AND enrolled in her class on Craftsy. Have you checked it out? Their classes are excellent and a lot of fun (and almost always on sale).

    1. I haven't but I'll definitely check it out. You will love the stir-fries. You'll son have an entire shelf in your fridge full of accumulated Asian ingredients =)

    2. Robin nice to meet you throughout Karen. Let me know how you like "wokking!"

  2. I agree, this was an amazing dish! Your melon ribbons look wonderful. :)


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