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I live in southern California, and have never moved away, as much as I have been tempted. I did my undergrad at USC (fight on). 

This statue is typically wrapped in duct tape prior to the UCLA game to prevent some serious sabotage. 

I'm married to my Irish (born and raised) husband, and have two grown children and two grandsons who live very close by. I love spoiling them.

One of my proudest accomplishments is getting my Master's in Counseling in Higher Education. Clearly, I was the oldest member of my cohort. It's never too late to reinvent yourself. 

I've had lots of different careers, including stay-at-home mom. My first job out of college was as a high school Spanish teacher. After the baby bust hit education, I lost my teaching job. After that, I spent several years in the record industry. I still love music, and regularly attend concerts (but sit in the balcony with my little point-and-shoot, thank you). 

After staying home with my kids for five years, I spent 18 years in the staffing industry, ending with managing the southern California market for a national firm that eventually exited California during the post Y2K recession (meaning, I lost my job, again). After that, I somehow managed to fake my way into a job as a college career counselor, which I did for four years. I now work for a university where I work in HR. The best part about it is attending graduation every year and realizing the purpose of what we all do. 

Every year, we pelt our favorite students with confetti to show them how much we love them!

How did I get into bread baking?

I've never been a baker. In fact, cooking has never been an interest until recently. My family members were never into cooking either. The only time I ever made a big effort was when company was coming. 

However, about six years ago, I discovered the King Arthur Flour website, and ordered their sourdough starter. Believe it or not, after never having baked bread before in my life, I decide to start with sourdough. Thank goodness it worked out! 

My favorite kind of bread..

I prefer lean bread with a levain, but I also love laminated breads, such as croissants. Oh, and I love, love, love pizza.

My favorite bread toys....

I can't live without a kitchen scale. I also love my instant read thermometer, pizza stone, and dough rising buckets. I also love baking loaves in a Dutch oven.

My favorite bread books...

My bread book habit is a little out of control.

My biggest bread challenge...

Baguettes. Getting those big holes in the crumb while not pancaking the dough is always a challenge for me. 

My guilty pleasure... 

I love car chases. Living in SoCal, there is always a nightly car chase on television .. =)

About the food and the recipes:

The recipes in this blog are adapted from my overly large cookbook collection, magazines, other blogs, family recipes, and some recipes that are my own creation. I always give credit to the original source if I can find it, I always use my own photos, and I always write the instructions in my own words. My ingredients list and instructions include what I did and may have some changes from the original source. How can you tell how much I have changed a recipe? Look for the following words:
  • Slightly adapted from = I made very few changes. 
  • Adapted from = I made some changes, sometimes with the ingredient list, and sometimes with the technique. I also may have converted volume measurements to weight. 
  • Inspired by = I have made a lot of changes but I still want to give credit to the original author for the inspiration. 
If you are a blogger and are inspired to make one of the recipes from this blog, be sure to use your own photos and your own words and link back to my post.  I'd be honored if one of my posts inspired you!

About the photos:

I take all of the photos on this blog. I still need to learn a lot more about my camera as well as post processing. It's on my long list of things to do. 

If you'd like to use one of my photos, please ask for my permission. I usually say "yes" as long as you post the photo only and provide a link back to my blog and you do not post the recipe.  

I love it and am thrilled when you "pin" my photos to Pinterest as long as you  do not remove the link back to my blog and you do not copy and paste the recipe into the comments section. 

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