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Feb 28, 2021

Edamame Noodle Salad

This Edamame Noodle Salad is so bright and fresh tasting. The dressing is flavored from a combination of fresh orange or tangerine juice along with the zest of a whole orange and soy sauce.

Edamame Noodle Salad servings

Making this salad is astonishingly simple, and it keeps well in the refrigerator for a couple of days. The noodles absorb the delicious flavors of the dressing over time. 

Feb 27, 2021

Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies

These double chocolate chunk cookies are filled with both dark and white chocolate chunks and chips. In fact, this is one of my favorite straight up chocolate cookies. They are pretty incredible, and incredibly easy to make.

Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies from Karen's Kitchen Stories

This cookie is really just a small amount of chocolate cookie dough holding together a collection of chocolate chips and chunks. Seriously. Only 1 3/4 cups of flour to make three dozen cookies. The texture is sort of a cross between a brownie and a cookie. So good.

Feb 25, 2021

Skordalia | Greek Garlic and Potato Dip

This Skordalia is a delicious Greek dip made with raw garlic and riced potatoes. It can be used as a dip, a spread, or a sauce. 

Skordalia with rolls

The first time I tried skordalia was at a lovely Greek restaurant on State Street in Santa Barbara. We were with friends walking around looking for a place for dinner and stumbled upon this restaurant. The waiter brought a basket of bread and this bowl of spread. 

Feb 23, 2021

Migas | Tex-Mex Scrambled Eggs

Migas! A delicious breakfast of eggs, tortilla chips, and salsa. The word roughly means of crumbs. Whatever you have left over gets tossed into the pot. 

Migas, Tex-Mex Scrambled Eggs plated

This Tex-Mex version of migas includes eggs, tortilla chips, tomatoes, jalapeño, onions, red and green bell peppers, cheese, and cilantro. 

Feb 22, 2021

Loaded Breakfast Muffins

These loaded breakfast muffins are the perfect grab-and-go packages of breakfast deliciousness. 

Loaded Breakfast Muffins

I'm super excited about these muffins. I like to make a dozen of them, wrap them and freeze them, and then defrost and reheat them one at a time as needed to have a ready made breakfast for a busy morning. 

Feb 21, 2021

Famous Breakfast Burritos (copycat Lucky Boy)

If you are craving a big traditional breakfast burrito, no matter what time of day it is, this Famous Breakfast Burrito will satisfy your cravings. 

Famous Breakfast Burritos

This breakfast burrito is the perfect antidote for anyone looking for a hangover preventer, cure, or just a hearty meal wrapped up in one big package any time of day. And "big" is the operative word here. 

Limoncello Margarita

This limoncello margarita takes the classic tequila cocktail and gives it an Italian twist.  

Limoncello Margarita on the rocks

I just happened to have some homemade limoncello in the back of the refrigerator, and because Tuesday is National Margarita Day, I thought I'd play around with it to make a margarita. 

Feb 20, 2021

Marble Cake

If you are craving a slice of cake, be sure to make this easy marble cake, a mixture of chocolate and vanilla cake that doesn't need any frosting. It's so good! 

Marble cake with fork


This marble cake is super moist and stays fresh for several days. It's delicious on its own or topped with whipped cream or ice cream. 

Peruvian Potato Soup (Locro de Papas)

This Peruvian potato soup, or "locro de papas," is a delicious hearty soup made with potatoes, cream cheese, and flavorful spices and peppers. 

Locro de papas in bowls

Traditional Peruvian potato soup is spiced with ground annatto seeds. Annatto seeds are from the achiote tree.

Feb 19, 2021

Mussels with Leeks and Chilies

Leeks, chilies, tomatoes, wine, and garlic help create a delicious bowl of steaming hot delicious mussels. 

Mussels with Leeks and Chilies in a bowl

Be sure you have a lot of crusty bread at the table to sop up all of the delicious juices. 

Feb 16, 2021

Uzbek Stamped Bread (Non/Nan)

This Uzbek flatbread is a fluffy yeasted bread that is delicious warm with butter and honey or jam, or simply torn and dipped in your favorite soup or stew. 

Uzbek stamped bread


This bread, in various forms, depending on the region, is the traditional bread of Uzbekistan, a country just north of Afghanistan. Some recipes call for mostly water, while other recipes call for dairy. It often depends on the region. 
Feb 15, 2021

Bacon-Wrapped Scallops in the Air Fryer

Bacon and scallops are such a delicious combination. The smoky bacon and the sweet scallops go so well together. 

Bacon-Wrapped Scallops in the Air Fryer on plates

These little bacon and scallop packages are delicious as a simple appetizer or main course. They are also wonderful for topping a salad for lunch or dinner. 

Feb 13, 2021

King Cake Spritz Cookies

These King Cake Spritz Cookies look like tiny versions of the traditional New Orleans Fat Tuesday cake. 

King Cake Spritz Cookies

No, there is not a tiny baby Jesus baked into these King Cake Spritz Cookies, but don't they look a lot like the mini versions of their inspiration? 

Feb 9, 2021

Individual Deep Dish Pizzas

These individual deep dish pizzas, with peppers and sausage, are a delicious take on Chicago-style pizza. 


Individual Deep Dish Pizzas

These mini deep dish pizzas are a fun way to recreate the flavors of Chicago-style pizza. First, there is a crispy crust that is slightly sweet. It's easy to make, and is ready to shape in two hours. 

Feb 8, 2021

Chocolate Bouchons

These individual chocolate cakes, known as bouchons ("corks" in French), are so chocolaty and melty, and absolutely delicious. 

Chocolate Bouchons


These chocolate bouchons are Thomas Keller's take on an American classic, the brownie. The resulting gateau de bouchon are incredible. They are an amazing treat. 

Feb 6, 2021

Stir-Fried Clams in Bean Sauce with Chilies and Green Peppers

These stir-fried clams in bean sauce with chilies and green peppers are so flavorful and rich tasting. The sauce turned out so delicious that I wish I could bottle it.

Stir-Fried Clams in Bean Sauce with Chilies

My favorite local seafood restaurant serves clams in a delicious spicy sauce that you soak up with slices of cheesy garlic bread. The dish is on the appetizer menu, but I order it as my entree, along with a salad. Heaven!

Feb 3, 2021

Ragù Bolognese

Ragù Bolognese is a delicious meaty tomato sauce originating from Bologna in northern Italy. This one has three kinds of meat and is simmered for about three hours. 

Ragu Bolognese with linguine

This ragù Bolognese recipe produces a thick, rich, and delicious sauce that you can use on pasta or in a very special lasagna bolognese.