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Jan 31, 2022

Morning Glory Muffins with Vanilla Cream Cheese Filling

These Morning Glory Muffins are filled with nutritious ingredients like apples, carrots, whole wheat, and dried blueberries. They are a delicious and nutritious way to start your morning. 

Morning Glory Muffins with Vanilla Cream Cheese Filling on a board.

Morning glory muffins are a throw back muffin, kind of like bran muffins, from the "crunchy granola" era of the the 1970s. 

Jan 27, 2022

Roasted Pepper and Chile Focaccia

This roasted pepper and chile focaccia is light, airy, and amazing, and it is filled with chunks of mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes, and topped with roasted sweet peppers and chiles. 

Roasted Pepper and Chile Focaccia baked.

Topped with the roasted sweet peppers and mild chiles, this focaccia is so versatile. It is delicious for breakfast, for a snack, with a salad or soup for lunch, and with pasta for dinner.... or, it can be a wonderful light dinner on its own!

Jan 26, 2022

Peanut Butter Cup Brownies

With their decadent dark chocolate filling, these peanut butter cup brownies are the perfect dessert for chocolate lovers. 

Three plates with peanut butter brownies.

These peanut butter cup brownies are actually a twist on peanut butter cups, because the outer cookie shell is made with a butter cookie, and the filling is basically flourless peanut butter chocolate cake. 

Jan 24, 2022

Orange Curd Brownies

Deeply fudgy brownies with a swirl of delicious homemade orange curd on top... because chocolate and orange are such a delicious combination of flavors. 

Orange Curd Brownies on plates.

These orange curd brownies are moist, fudgy, and totally decadent. They are loaded with a full half pound of melted bittersweet chocolate, and just ooze with chocolate-y goodness. 

Jan 23, 2022

Cheeseburger Sliders with Homemade Slider Buns

These cheeseburger sliders with homemade slider buns are easy to put together and are perfect to take to a party. 


These slider burgers have all of the flavors of your favorite burger, including a "secret sauce," but in a smaller size. 

Jan 22, 2022

Slow Cooker Mahogany Chicken Legs

These slow cooker mahogany chicken legs are braised in a mixture of two kinds of soy sauce, along with spices, vinegar, and rice wine, resulting in a deliciously moist and glistening chicken dish. 

Mahogany Chicken Legs on a platter.

These Mahogany chicken legs are cooked using the technique called "red cooking" or "red braising."

Jan 21, 2022

Lobster Wonton and Corn Chowder

Home made wontons filled with lobster and gently cooked in a delicious fresh corn chowder! 

Lobster Wonton and Corn Chowder in bowls.

Lobster and corn are so delicious together and evoke memories of summer seafood boils. Fortunately, you can make this soup any time of the year if you have access to either fresh or frozen corn on the cob.

Jan 19, 2022

Coconut Candy Bar Cake

This Coconut Candy Bar Cake is a delicious take on the Hershey's Mounds Bar. The cake is loaded with shredded coconut and coated in dark chocolate, just like the candy bar. 

Coconut Candy Bar Cake slice with pecan filling.


The crumb on this cake is probably the most moist I have ever tried. It's packed with shredded coconut, which I'm sure ensures that the cake itself is super fluffy and fresh. 

Jan 16, 2022

Pepperoni Rolls

These pepperoni rolls, pepperoni rolled up into a slightly sweet and enriched dough, are delicious eaten as a snack or an appetizer. 

Pepperoni Rolls halved.


These pepperoni rolls are evidently sold in most West Virginia and southwestern Pennsylvania convenience stores as well as many bakeries and restaurants. 

Peanut Butter and Jelly Blondies

These peanut butter and jelly blondies take your favorite childhood sandwich and turn it into a sweet chewy treat. 

Peanut Butter and Jelly Blondies on a blue plate.


These peanut butter and jelly blondies include peanut butter in the batter as well as peanut butter and grape jelly swirled on top. 

Jan 15, 2022

Caldo de Pollo + Sopa a la Mexicana (Mexican-Style Chicken Soup)

This Mexican-Style Chicken Soup begins with Caldo de Pollo, a light homemade chicken broth flavored with herbs and aromatics. 

Mexican-Style Chicken Soup in bowls.

After you make the broth, you use it to make a light and nutritious chicken soup that includes more chicken, vegetables, and fresh tomatoes that have been run through a sieve to flavor the broth. 

Jan 14, 2022

Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Pie

This slow cooker chicken pot pie is an easy and almost hands-free way to create chicken pot pie for a crowd. 

Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Pie slice.


This is an easy and delicious recipe for chicken pot pie for a crowd without having to make a roux or spend much time at the stove.

Jan 12, 2022

Pan de Elote | Slow Cooker Mexican Cornbread

 This Pan de Elote (Mexican Cornbread), made in the slow cooker, is sweet and very moist, and can be served as a snack, side dish, or even a dessert. 

Pan de Elote (Mexican Cornbread) on plates.

Pan de elote is super moist, buttery, and sweet, and filled with blended fresh corn along with whole kernels sprinkled throughout. 

Jan 11, 2022

Panini al Pomodoro | Italian Tomato Rolls

Panini al Pomodoro are rolls originating in Venice, Italy. They include tomato paste in the dough, plus, they are decorated with tomato paste, along with Italian herbs.

Panini al Pomodoro rolls.


These rolls, filled with tomato paste and topped with a dab of more tomato paste and herbs resemble little tomatoes (at least if you squint a bit). 

Jan 10, 2022

Slow Cooker Italian Sunday Gravy

This slow cooker Italian Sunday gravy is an easy and delicious take on a classic Italian-American dish.  

Slow Cooker Italian Sunday Gravy serving.

This slow cooker Italian Sunday gravy is a rich and hearty tomato sauce enriched with red wine and many different cuts of meat. 

Jan 8, 2022

Baked Eggs with Parmesan and Chives

Baked Eggs with Parmesan and Chives, an easy, tasty, and scaleable recipe for preparing eggs for a crowd, or just one. 

Baked eggs plated with tomatoes.

Baked eggs, why haven't I ever tried them before now? These are so easy to prepare, delicious, and pretty foolproof too. 

Jan 5, 2022

Chocolate Truffle Cakes with Cappuccino Whipped Cream

These tiny chocolate truffle cakes, topped with cappuccino whipped cream, will satisfy any chocolate lover's craving. 

Souffle cakes on plates


These little flourless truffle cakes are dense and moist, and the flavor is intensely chocolate. 

Jan 2, 2022

Italian Chopped Salad

This Italian chopped salad with salami, prosciutto, and Fontina cheese takes the flavors of a charcuterie platter and turns them into a hearty main dish salad.   

Italian Chopped Salad in a bowl.

Serve this Italian chopped salad with radicchio and green leaf lettuce, topped with meats, cheese, olives, pepperoncini, and tossed with an easy vinaigrette of olive oil, sherry vinegar, oregano, and salt and pepper for lunch or a light dinner.