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Aug 21, 2022

Pesto Bread

The swirl in this pesto bread is filled with basil, parmesan, and garlic, along with pine nuts. The bread smells so good when it is baking. 

Pesto Bread loaf and slices on a wooden plank.

The combination of basil, garlic, Parmesan, and olive oil in this pesto bread adds just enough richness so that a slice stands on its own, but it's not really overwhelming. 

Aug 20, 2022

Plum Cake

This plum cake is perfect for summer baking when plums are super ripe and sweet. It's easy to make and can be served for breakfast or dessert.  

Plum Cake Baked with a bite on a fork on a plate.

Making this plum cake is so easy. There's no fancy frosting or layers to worry about... all you need is fresh, in season red or purple plums to make this delicious cake. 

Corn and Roasted Sweet Red Pepper Soup (Sopa de Elote con Pimientos)

This corn and roasted sweet red pepper soup is a delicious and comforting combination of flavors. 

Corn and Roasted Sweet Red Pepper Soup in bowls.

This corn and roasted red pepper soup, or sopa de elote con pimientos, with just six ingredients (plus salt and pepper), is easy to make and ready to serve in less than 30 minutes. 
Aug 19, 2022

Seafood Salad Tacos with Tomatoes, Corn, Radishes, and Chiles

These seafood salad tacos are a wonderful way to have a delicious hot weather meal and still have an amazing taco. 

Seafood Salad Tacos on a Plate.


These seafood salad tacos take warm soft or crispy tortillas and fill them with a fresh summery salad with lots of seafood, tomatoes, corn, radishes, and serrano and jalapeño chiles.... plus, lots of cilantro and lime juice. 

Aug 16, 2022

Hong Kong-Style Inside Out Coconut Buns

These Hong Kong-Style inside out coconut buns are made with a soft and fluffy milk bread swirled with a buttery coconut filling. 

Hong Kong-Style Inside Out Coconut Buns on a plate and in a bowl.

These buns are made with a soft and springy enriched dough spread with a delicious sweet, rich, and buttery coconut filling and then twisted so that you get a taste of the filling in every bite. 

Aug 13, 2022

Pain au Bacon | Bacon Sourdough Bread

This pain au bacon, or bacon sourdough bread, combines the acidity of sourdough bread with the salty meatiness of bacon. 

Pain au Bacon - Bacon Sourdough whole loaf.

Imagine a half of a pound of bacon (prior to cooking) in a loaf of sourdough bread.

Aug 12, 2022

Burrito Bowls with Corn and Tomatoes

Burrito bowls are such an easy and quick meal. Toss rice, a bean and corn salad, and fresh tomatoes, vegetables, and a protein into a bowl to pull together dinner in a flash. 

Burrito Bowls with Corn and Tomatoes plus veggies in a bowl.

To make these burrito bowls, you can prepare all of the ingredients in advance and reheat them to assemble and serve. 

Aug 10, 2022

Kale Caesar Salad (with Homemade Croutons)

This Kale Caesar Salad takes a favorite classic salad and dresses it up with added kale for extra leafy green nutrition. 

Kale Caesar Salad in a bowl.

There's a reason why just about every restaurant and steak house features some version of the classic Caesar. Mostly, because it tastes so good. 

Aug 9, 2022

Chinese Coconut Buns (Cocktail Buns)

These coconut buns, made with a buttery almost brioche-like dough and stuffed with sweet coconut filling, are a take on the traditional Hong Kong cocktail bun.  

Chinese Coconut Buns (Cocktail Buns) in a bowl and on a plate.

The story goes that these buns were created in the 1950s in Hong Kong by bakeries to use up leftover bread. The term Gai Mei actually means "cock tail," (like the chicken) and is Cantonese slang for leftovers. 

Aug 8, 2022

Asparagus Frittata with Cherry Tomatoes

This asparagus and tomato frittata takes advantage of all of the freshly harvested asparagus available this time of year. 

Asparagus, Tomato, and Cheese Frittata on a plate with salad.


This asparagus frittata is loaded with fresh asparagus, cherry tomatoes, and melty Gruyère cheese. It's delicious for breakfast, brunch, or even a light dinner. 

Aug 6, 2022

Chinese Cuban Fried Rice

This Chinese Cuban fried rice, or arroz frito, is a wonderful combination of ingredients tossed together in just a few minutes. 

Chinese Cuban Fried Rice in small bowls with eggs.

There is no one recipe for Chinese Cuban fried rice. Each Cuban family has their own. However, some of the common ingredients include some sort of protein such as pork, ham, Spam, or shrimp, and soy sauce (typically dark soy sauce), or salsa china.  

Aug 3, 2022

Zucchini Fried Rice

This zucchini fried rice, with garlic, Parmesan, tomatoes, and thyme, is a deliciously Italian-ish take on fried rice.  

Zucchini Fried Rice in a white bowl.

This zucchini fried rice makes the most of the bounty of summer squash that is available this time of year.