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Oct 31, 2022

Cheesy Corn Casserole with Sage

Make this cheesy corn casserole for an amazing holiday side dish. It's loaded with fresh corn and topped with a buttery and crunchy mixture of cheese and crushed Ritz crackers. 

Cheesy Corn Casserole with Sage on black plates with the casserole dish in the background.

This corn casserole is perfect for serving with your favorite holiday main dish, including roast beef, turkey, or roast chicken. 

Raisin Bran Muffins

If you like Raisin Bran cereal, you will love these tasty and nutritious raisin bran muffins. 

Raisin Bran Muffins stacked on a blue plate.


Take advantage of the box of cereal in your pantry and treat yourself to these hearty and filling muffins for your morning breakfast.

Oct 29, 2022

Make-ahead Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches

These make-ahead freezer breakfast sandwiches are an easy way to have a portable hot breakfast all week long. 

Make-ahead Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches with egg and bacon in a bun.

With these Make-ahead Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches, you can have a hearty breakfast ready in a snap on a busy morning. 
Oct 23, 2022

Aloo Tikki (Potato Patties)

Aloo tikki is a popular Indian street food (chaat) made from potatoes, herbs, and spices and pan-fried until crispy and golden. 

Fried Aloo Tikki (Potato Patties) in a bowl.

Aloo tikki can vary by region in India, with some plain and some with a stuffing in the middle. They can be served with different chutneys or sauces too. 

Oct 21, 2022

Chiliville Chili

This Chiliville Chili is so easy to make and has just the right amount of heat to clear your head. You can have it ready in about 40 minutes from start to finish. It's also an ideal make-ahead meal.

Chiliville Chili in two bowls with a serving bowl in the background.

October is National Chili Month! Now that the weather is beginning to cool, enjoy a warm bowl of comforting chili. 

Shrimp, White Bean, and Kale Stew

This shrimp, white bean, and kale stew is one of the tastiest ways to enjoy kale while pulling together a quick and easy seafood stew. 

Shrimp, White Bean, and Kale Stew in a large bowl.


Take advantage of some easy and nutritious ingredients to create this shrimp and kale stew dinner for four in less than 45 minutes. 

Oct 20, 2022

Apple Cake with a Honey Bourbon Glaze

This apple cake with a honey bourbon glaze is packed with two kinds of apples and glazed twice with a honey bourbon caramel sauce. 

Apple Cake with Bourbon Glaze on a platter.

This cake is filled with four cups of apple goodness, including two cups of shredded apple, which adds so much moisture to the crumb, and two cups of diced apple. 

Oct 16, 2022

Fig and Walnut Flatbread with Caramelized Onions

This Fig and Walnut Flatbread with Caramelized Onions is a tasty combination of sweet and savory flavors baked into a soft and flavorful flatbread. 

Fig and Walnut Flatbread with Caramelized Onions slices on a wooden board.


The flatbread is flavored with rosemary-infused olive oil as well as a bit of finely chopped rosemary, and the topping is an interesting combination of sweet and savory flavors. 

Poolish Baguettes

This baguette starts with a poolish, which is a preferment that you make a day or two before you bake the bread. You mix it, let it get bubbly, and then refrigerate it overnight to develop flavor.

Poolish Baguettes Sandwich Tuna Sandwich on a plate.

I have been on a long quest to achieve making the perfect French baguette. Making these baguettes was another attempt. I still have a long way to go! 

Oct 15, 2022

Gnocchi Minestrone with Italian Sausage (Made in a Slow Cooker)

This gnocchi minestrone recipe switches out the pasta that is typical in minestrone for soft and pillowy gnocchi - small Italian dumplings made with potatoes, flour, eggs, and salt. 

Large bowl of Gnocchi Minestrone.

Minestrone is an Italian pasta, bean, and vegetable soup in a tomato-y broth. There are lots of variations depending on the part of Italy it is from. Plus, every family in every region always has their "secret recipe" version. 

Oct 11, 2022

Finnish Pulla Bread

Finnish Pulla is a lovely bread, lightly sweetened and enriched with butter, milk, and eggs, similar to challah.  

Finnish Cardamon Pulla Bread with pearl sugar.

What makes it Pulla is crushed cardamom, which is mixed into the dough to add a heavenly flavor. 

Mini Pizza Mummies

These mini pizza mummies are a fun treat to serve around Halloween! 

two mini pizzas on a plate.


They are easy to make and super kid-friendly, both in the assembly and flavor. I used a super easy dinner roll recipe and just rolled them into flat rounds with a small rolling pin before decorating and baking the pizzas! 

Oct 9, 2022

Norwegian Havrekjeks (Sweet and Salty Oatmeal Rounds)

These Norwegian Havre Kjeks (or havrekjeks) are a sweet and salty cracker made with oats and flour. 


These crackers are both sweet and salty, and are just as tasty spread with butter and jam, served with milk or tea, or topped with cheese and smoked salmon, served with wine or a cocktail. 

Oct 5, 2022

Butterscotch Pot de Crème

This butterscotch pot de crème is a French-style make-ahead dessert that is elegant and totally delicious.

Butterscotch Pots de Crème on a red striped cloth.

This butterscotch pot de crème dessert is very special. It's custardy, but much creamier and silkier... plus, it's richer and much more decadent. Other custards do not even come close.  

Oct 1, 2022

30-Second Smoothie

The 30-Second Smoothie! Toss the ingredients for this smoothie into a blender, and 30 seconds later you have a refreshing and nourishing treat. 

30-Second Smoothie with a blue blender behind it.

This 30-Second Smoothie is for those days when you and your kids are too hot to eat anything and just want to cool off.