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Jun 9, 2021

Sourdough and Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

These sourdough whole wheat chocolate chip cookies with browned butter are just about the most amazing chocolate chip cookies on the planet. 

Sourdough Browned butter and Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies


These sourdough chocolate chip cookies, at about 4 ounces each, are huge. They're not quite pizookie size, but they are pretty big. 

Jun 6, 2021

Stir-Fry Mango Ginger Chicken

This stir-fry mango ginger chicken is delicious and refreshing, with mango added at the end of the cooking process and just heated through. 

Stir-Fry Mango Ginger Chicken

This recipe involves "velveting" the chicken to keep it moist. Velveting, or waat, includes soaking the chicken in egg whites, corn starch, and rice wine, and then blanching it in water for about a minute prior to stir frying.

Jun 2, 2021

Sous Vide Ham and Cheese Egg Bites

These ham and cheese egg bites are a delicious and easy way to prepare a make-ahead "on-the-go" breakfast. Of course, you can also enjoy these at home with all of the usual breakfast menu items. 

Sous Vide Ham and Cheese Egg Bites

If you like the sous vide egg bites from Starbucks, you will love these. Plus, you don't need sous vide equipment to make these. Instead, you can make them in canning jars in your Crock Pot. The first time I tried this method was to make a bacon and Gryére version, which is also delicious. 

May 29, 2021

Cheddar Chive Sourdough Bread

This cheddar chive bread is delicious for sandwiches, with spaghetti or ravioli for dipping, and for breakfast toast topped with fried or poached eggs. 

Cheddar Chive Sourdough Bread with cheddar pockets

This recipe makes three 1 1/2 pound loaves of bread, but is easily scalable. If you decide to make all three loaves, just wrap the extra loaves in foil and then plastic wrap, and freeze them for up to 30 days.

Roasted Jalapeño Salsa

This roasted jalapeño salsa with tomatoes and garlic is so easy to make and totally tasty. It will become a staple in your kitchen. 

Roasted Jalapeño Salsa

I love salsas. They are wonderful on omelets, in tacos and burritos, with chips, in scrambled eggs, in bloody Marys, and incorporated into guacamole. Salsas can go from traditional, like pico de gallo or tomato and tomatillo salsa, to creative, such as grilled pineapple and red onion salsa, pear salsa, roasted tri-color pepper salsa, tomato and corn salsa

Pub-Style Short Rib Burgers with Gorgonzola, Crispy Fried Shallots, and Secret Sauce

These pub-style short rib burgers with gorgonzola, crispy fried shallots, and secret sauce are thick, juicy, and meaty. 

Pub-Style Burgers

The deal with this burger is not how much you can pile on it. It's more about the meat. First, each burger contains half a pound of beef. Second, the meat comes from short ribs, pretty much the most flavorful cut of beef there is (at least for me).

May 27, 2021

Basic Sourdough Bread for Beginners

This basic sourdough recipe is great for beginning sourdough bakers. It doesn't require a long rise, and the dough is really easy to handle. You will love the results. 

Basic Sourdough Bread stacked

Several years ago - on a whim - I ordered a sourdough starter from King Arthur Baking. I can't even remember why. I hadn't baked bread since my home economics class in junior high school.