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Oct 1, 2022

30-Second Smoothie

The 30-Second Smoothie! Toss the ingredients for this smoothie into a blender, and 30 seconds later you have a refreshing and nourishing treat. 

30-Second Smoothie with a blue blender behind it.

This 30-Second Smoothie is for those days when you and your kids are too hot to eat anything and just want to cool off. 

Toss a banana, some yogurt, some ice cubes, and juice into a blender and process it enough to crush the ice, and pour the ingredients into a glass and add a straw. Breakfast. Done.

30-Second Smoothies in two glasses and blue striped straws.

Doesn't it seems like school is starting so much earlier these days? I'm from southern California, where going back to school used to happen after Labor Day, around the 10th of September. Even so, we always had a major heat wave right after going back to school, which lasted all through September. It was so annoying that I couldn't wear my new "back to school" clothes because of the heat. First world problems.

I'm pretty sure the new earlier start dates have something to do with the timing of the AP exams, as well as wanting to end semesters before the Christmas break. While, as a student, I would have hated returning to school so early, but not having to worry about finals over Christmas break would have made it worth it. 

Which brings us to these smoothies! When you or your kiddos are too cranky to eat, and just need something cooling, try these smoothies.

30-Second Smoothie with a blue blender behind it.

Ingredients in a 30-second smoothie:

For these 30-second smoothies, I used orange yogurt, a banana, some orange juice, and ice cubes. Of course you can substitute any flavor yogurt. You can also add some additional seasonal fruit such as peaches, strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries. 

To blend the smoothies, I used a mini blender. It's so nice to not have to drag out the big blender when I'm just making one or two smoothies (or milkshakes).

30-Second Smoothie with a blender behind it.

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30-Second Smoothie Recipe

Yield: 2 servings
The 30-Second Smoothie! Toss the ingredients for this smoothie into a blender, and 30 seconds later you have a refreshing and nourishing treat.


  • 1 individual-sized container of orange (or other flavor) yogurt
  • 1 banana
  • 6 ice cubes
  • 1 cup orange juice


How to make a 30-Second Smoothie Recipe

  1. Add all of the ingredients to a blender and blend until the ice is completely crushed. 
  2. Pour into two glasses and serve. 
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Updated October, 2022. Originally posted August, 2019. 

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  1. My back to school tip is lay out clothes for the week on Sunday. It really saves a lot of time each day.

  2. This is such a fantastic, quick, and easy recipe! I can't wait to try it for my kiddos!

  3. A quick fortified smoothie is great when your in a hurry!

  4. It does seem like school starts earlier and earlier, but having exams before Christmas break would be a nice trade off. Little Dude goes back Thursday!! This smoothie looks like a perfect busy morning breakfast!

    1. Yes, getting ready for Christmas itself is enough!

  5. Loving smoothies lately and I love using the Omega Pals in them!

  6. What an amazing back to school treat! My kids would love these.

  7. Yes please and thank you to the most flavorful smoothie/ What a perfect way to start the day off with a great start!

  8. A perfect back to school treat and also great before you head out the door for work or running errands.

  9. I used to make something similar in college and loved it! Need to try it again soon!

  10. I used to make smoothies a lot when my kids were toddlers and need to get back into the habit. We always love them and this one looks refreshing!

  11. I'm good with 30 seconds! And there's all that calcium and vitamin C as an added benefit!

  12. Wow! 30 Seconds! Even I have time for that! Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck - Colleen


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