Apr 25, 2016

Blueberry Cornmeal Sourdough Muffins | #MuffinMonday

Blueberry Cornmeal Sourdough Muffins from Karen's Kitchen Stories

These Blueberry Cornmeal Sourdough Muffins are perfect for bakers who keep a sourdough starter around for making bread.

One of the things about maintaining a sourdough starter is the requirement to discard some of it prior to feeding it. Unless you are a professional baker and make sourdough on a daily basis, you will have to eventually throw out a good portion of your starter when you double it with more flour and water. Otherwise, as anyone who is mathematically inclined and familiar with the term "exponential" will realize, the starter will eventually pretty much take over your house.

Apr 24, 2016

Pandesal | Filipino Bread Rolls

Pandesal, the favorite bread of the Philippines from Karen's Kitchen Stories

Pandesal rolls are the favorite bread of the Philippines. In fact, they are THE bread of the Philippines for breakfast, snacks and lunch, and are usually filled with cheese, pancit (noodles), and even spread with condensed milk. While they are not served at dinner in the Philippines, I think the bread would make amazing dinner rolls. They're incredible straight from the oven and slathered with butter. Personally, I think they would also be perfect for hamburger sliders!

Apr 20, 2016

Yangchow Fried Rice and Chinese Jamaican Stir-Fried Chicken with Chayote for Wok Wednesdays

This week I am bringing you two Wok Wednesday dishes, Yangchow Fried Rice and Chinese Jamaican Stir-Fried Chicken with Chayote. 

Yangchow Fried Rice

Yangchow Fried Rice is a simple yet flavorful dish to make. It is a classic dish served at a Chinese banquet toward the end of the meal and it's an amazingly simple dish to prepare. There are only five ingredients (eight if you count the oil, salt, and pepper). No garlic, no ginger, and no soy sauce.

Apr 19, 2016

Crystallized Ginger Shortbread Cookies | #CreativeCookieExchange

Crystallized Ginger Shortbread Cookies

These crystalized ginger shortbread cookies are so elegant and sophisticated, and perfect served with vanilla ice cream as a finale for a dinner party...  which is exactly what I did.

The cookies have a really nice spiciness to them, and the kosher salt flakes add a nice contrast to the sweetness.

Apr 16, 2016

Cranberry Breakfast Buns, or "This is Not a Cinnamon Roll" Roll

Cranberry Breakfast Buns from Karen's Kitchen Stories

These cranberry breakfast buns are a pretty amazing way to take your favorite cinnamon bun recipe to another level.

Apr 14, 2016

Baked Whole Rainbow Trout with Shallots, Herbs, and Jalapeño - #FishFridayFoodies

Baked Whole Rainbow Trout with Shallots, Herbs, and Jalapeño

This Baked Whole Trout with Shallots, Herbs, and Jalapeño is so moist, succulent, and flavorful. It is also amazingly easy to make.

When I was growing up, our family used to take summer vacations at Lake Tahoe, usually renting a house on the lake. One memory that stands out for me is my dad taking us kids fishing at a Lake Tahoe trout farm (possibly this one). We weren't a camping family by any stretch of the imagination, so this was my first experience with fishing. We barbecued the fish that we caught, and it was amazing.

Apr 12, 2016

Garlic Naan with Green Chiles for #BreadBakers

Garlic Naan with Green Chiles from Karen's Kitchen Stories

This garlic naan with green chiles is pretty hard to not love. It's wonderful hot and straight from the oven, slathered with ghee (clarified butter) and sprinkled with Kosher or sea salt. I pretty much scarfed down the first piece while baking the rest of the pieces of this dough.