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Aug 7, 2012

Berry Galette | Tuesdays with Dorie

Berry galette
Mixed berry galette. My first pastry crust. Awesomeness. No longer intimidated.

This galette is on page 377 of Baking with Julia: Savor the Joys of Baking with America's Best Bakers - in Classic Julia Style, edited by Dorie Greenspan.

I'm pretty excited with the results.

The dough consists of flour, corn meal, butter, sour cream, sugar, salt, and ice water. While the dough is a bit sticky, it was actually very easy to work with. Once you prepare the dough, it needs to be chilled in the refrigerator for at least two hours. Overnight is perfectly fine, and, in fact, you can freeze it for up to one month.

Once I chilled mine, I rolled it out onto a floured Silpat, and floured my rolling pin to prevent sticking. Do not worry about having a perfectly round piece of dough. Rough edges are part of its rustic "charm."

I rolled the dough up on my rolling pin and moved the dough to a parchment lined baking sheet, piled on the berries, added sugar, honey, and a bit of butter, folded the crust over the berries, sugared the crust, and baked the galette.
berry galette
I used a combination of blackberries and raspberries. The galette was not too sweet, and really emphasized the flavor of the fresh berries.

This dessert is small, and would be perfect for a dinner for four. It's exquisite. For the recipe, please visit one of the hosts of this week's Tuesday's with Dorie, The Kitchen Lioness. Her blog is beautiful. Or Tomato Thymes in the Kitchen. Pretty cool stuff there too.
berry galette

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  1. Congratulations on such a successful first pastry crust! Your galette looks delicious.

  2. Beautiful photos of a delicious summer dessert. I'll make this often.

  3. What a beautiful and delicious Galette you've made.
    This recipe a definitely a keeper.

  4. Yeah! Glad this was successful for you - it looks lovely.

  5. Nice job. Galettes are so simple, yet elegant, aren't they?

  6. Your Galette looks delicious - rustic and that little bit of seepage that makes it authentic. I didn't do as well as you with the dough - it was 111 degrees on the day I made it - but I did love this and will try, try again. Beautiful photos.

    1. Thank you! We definitely had the air conditioning running when I was preparing the dough.


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