Oct 6, 2012

Saturday Cocktail | Dirty Martini

If you like olives in your martini, give the dirty martini a try. This cocktail is a variation of the traditional martini with the addition of liquid from a jar of cocktail olives to give it a slightly briny taste. Nothing dirty about it.

Dirty Martini

2 1/2 oz gin
1/2 oz dry vermouth or Dubonnet blanc
1 to 2 T olive brine (to taste)
Cocktail olives

Chill a martini glass in the freezer
Fill a glass or a shaker with ice.
Add all of the ingredients except the olives
Shake or stir until all of the ingredients are chilled 
Strain the ingredients into the chilled glass
Add the olives


If you must, you can substitute vodka for the gin. 

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