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Apr 23, 2014

Vanilla Gelato

Vanilla gelato

This vanilla gelato is lower in fat than most ice cream because it does not contain cream. It also contains more sugar than American ice cream. Because it is churned with less air, the sugar acts as a sort of "anti-freeze" to keep the gelato from getting rock hard.

Most home ice cream makers do not add a lot of air to homemade ice creams, so they are perfect for making gelato. This vanilla gelato is so easy to scoop and does not get as rock hard as most homemade ice cream. This did not last very long in our house, mostly because of me. I have been known to justify having a bowl of ice cream for breakfast. If you need ideas for rationalizing ice cream for breakfast, let me know. I've got an entire list.

Vanilla gelato

About two months after I first started this blog, I came across a post from Lora of the wonderful blog, Cake Duchess. She was just starting a baking group #TwelveLoaves, which was all about flexing new baking muscles and making bread at home. I started following her blog (follow it, you won't regret it, she has so many authentic Italian recipes and her breads are inspired). I also started participating in #TwelveLoaves and got to know Lora as a friend.

When Lora lost her dad, and after taking some time off from writing, she wrote this moving story. As a result of this story, as well as many of her food blogging friends reaching out to her, she created this #food memory series.

I am honored to be the next contributor to the series. I've written a post about my dad and his love of ice cream, especially gelato.

For the recipe for this vanilla gelato, to hear a little bit about my dad, and to see photos of my handsome young father, please visit Cake Duchess. I hope you do. This has been a labor of love.

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  1. That was such a sweet story about your father and I'm sure he'd enjoy this delicious gelato! It looks really good!

    1. Thanks Connie. I'm hoping he will pick up this cone and have a lovely afternoon. =)

  2. What a beautiful post Karen, your dad sounds like he was wonderful.


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