May 15, 2012

Twix Brownies with Dulce de Leche Sauce

A jar of Stonewall Kitchen Dulce de Leche sauce has been sitting in my cupboard for a few months.

Twix brownies with dulce de leche
Twix Brownies with Dulce de Leche Sauce

Then I visited the My Baking Addiction blog looking for a dessert for Mother's Day and saw this recipe.

The recipe results in fudge-like brownies with mini Twix bars hidden inside. And, of course, topped with caramel sauce.

The recipe is more novelty treat than proper dessert, but if I wanted to be fancy, I could see layering these with ice cream in a small glass, sort of like a mini trifle.

Rather than make the caramel sauce described in the recipe, I broke out the dulce de leche. Perfect occasion.

Recipe hints:

  1. I used 4 1/4 ounces of all purpose flour. 
  2. I used two soup bowls to divide the batter in half and poured the batter into each bowl until it looked like it was evenly divided.
  3. I baked them for 30 minutes and didn't bother testing them for doneness. I think it would be hard to tell anyway.
Would I make them again? Yes.

Find the recipe here.

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  1. This looks so yummy! I love twix and brownies so this one is a keeper for me!


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