Jun 17, 2013

Iceberg Lettuce Salad with Roquefort Buttermilk Dressing | The Wedge Salad

Iceberg Lettuce Salad with Roquefort Buttermilk Dressing

Iceberg lettuce fell out of favor here in California... until the Wedge Salad made its appearance at expensive a la carte steak houses. Suddenly arugula was taking a back seat to iceberg lettuce... at least in the steak houses.

When it was time to prepare something starting with I or J for the #eatingA2ZChallenge hosted by Brenda of Meal Planning Magic, I had to finally give this one a try.

Iceberg Lettuce Salad with Roquefort Buttermilk Dressing | The Wedge Salad

The contrast of the crunchy iceberg and the tangy roquefort is crazy good. Definitely use very fresh garlic, thyme, and parsley, and make sure your pepper is freshly ground.

This recipe is slightly adapted from New Classic Family Dinners by Mark Peel of Campanile, a beloved but now closed Los Angeles restaurant.  (an amazing book by the way.. I cannot tell you how many recipes I've flagged to try.)

As Mark Peel says in the book, "the blue cheese is the source of 95% of this salad's flavor and at least 90 percent of it's calories." What does the iceberg add? Thirst quenching crunch. How perfect for summer, right? And how perfect with a steak? I mean, if you're gonna be traditional, go with it. I had mine with a grilled lamb chop. I resisted bathing my chop in this dressing... that was really difficult to resist.

Iceberg Lettuce Salad with Roquefort Buttermilk Dressing | The Wedge Salad

Serves 6

Dressing Ingredients

1 large garlic clove, minced
2 tsp chopped fresh thyme leaves
1/4 C buttermilk
4 ounces crumbled Roquefort cheese
1 tsp black peppercorns, freshly cracked

Salad Ingredients

1 large head of iceberg lettuce. Try to find one that is dense. 
3 ounces crumbled Roquefort cheese
1 T thyme leave, rubbed together to release the flavors
2 T chopped fresh parsley
Black pepper, freshly ground to taste


  1. Mix the dressing ingredients and refrigerate overnight. This will help the dressing thicken and mellow. 
  2. Remove the outer leaves of the lettuce and cut the head into 6 wedges.
  3. Spoon about 3 or 4 tablespoons of dressing on each wedge.
  4. Divide the Roquefort, thyme, and parsley among the 6 wedges. 
  5. Grind on some pepper to taste. 


  1. This is my husbands very favorite salad. If it's on the menu at a restaurant, 9 times out of 10 he orders it.
    Such a yummy dressing Karen, I love the lightness that buttermilk gives the dressing vs. mayo.

    1. Thanks Kari! That's what I was thinking when I made this. It's delicious.

  2. This is such a tasty and classic salad!

  3. Iceberg is still one of my favorite lettuces...and served in a wedge with blue cheese dressing is SO delish!

    1. Even the kiddos will eat iceberg for the crunch. Especially in tacos.

  4. I haven't had a wedge salad in ages! I love the combination of flavors for the dressing you chose too...will have to give this one a try!

    1. Definitely. Find the best Roquefort available. You'll love it.


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