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Jan 13, 2015

Chinese Indian Chicken Manchurian | Wok Wednesdays

Chinese Indian Chicken Manchurian | Wok Wednesdays

This Chinese Indian Chicken Manchurian combines the flavors of Cantonese stir-fry along with the sauciness of Indian food.

The first best part? We had the chiles called for in this recipe growing in our little patio garden!

The second best part? I photographed steam! Can you see it? Just tilt your screen. Woo!

Chinese Indian Chicken Manchurian | Wok Wednesdays

This stir-fry includes:

  1. chicken thigh meat marinated in egg white, cornstarch, garlic, ginger, salt, and a bit of peanut oil
  2. garlic and ginger
  3. Thai chiles
  4. onions
  5. chicken broth and soy sauce
  6. cilantro
  7. and scallions
The onions, chiles, ginger, and garlic are seared in the wok and then pushed aside. Then the chicken is pressed into the wok to sear undisturbed. Once it has seared, it is stir fried for about a minute or two. You then add the broth and cilantro and stir fry until the chicken is cooked through. At this point, add the scallions and serve with some rice. Bam. Dinner. 

And if you are a geek like me, try to capture some steam with your camera before everyone digs in. 

Chinese Indian Chicken Manchurian | Wok Wednesdays

This dish is so simple to make! How are the flavors so complex? 

I've agreed not to post the specifics of the recipe, so please consider picking up the book, Grace Young's James Beard Foundation Award winning cookbook Stir Frying to the Sky's Edge.  

If you'd like to wok along, check out the Wok Wednesdays site for more information. 

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  1. And the photo award goes to....!!! Your stir-fry looks fabulous! I made this again last night - so good. Good job capturing the steam - so cool (well, hot actually. Lol.)

  2. Karen, this looks fantastic! Very yummy looking!

  3. Ok, now I MUST photograph steam. See what you did? I will be obsessed about this for a while... maybe forever? What if I am unable to capture the steam?

    (I think I feel sorry for my husband)

    great recipe, Karen! Love this type of meal...

    1. Lol. Here's the set up. Photograph at night with no flash on a tripod with a slow shutter speed and two softbox lights. It's hard to get it to be fully focused, but when the room is dark, the steam shows up!!

  4. Beautiful photos! Grace's book(s) is in my Amazon wish list!


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