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Dec 12, 2021

Cheddar Cheese and Pecan Crisps

These cheddar cheese and pecan crisps are the perfect appetizer to go with a sparkling white wine before dinner. 

Cheddar Cheese and Pecan Crisps crackers on a plate.

These crisps are deliciously flaky, light, and tender. They remind me of what the best cheesy biscuits would be like if they were a cracker. 

This cheddar and pecan cracker recipe is so easy to make too. Just toss the ingredients into the bowl of a food processor and pulse a few times. Once the dough comes together, wrap it up and chill it overnight, and then roll it out, cut it into any shape you like, and bake! 

I used a sharp, round, 1 3/4 inch cookie cutter to cut the dough, and ended up with exactly four dozen crackers. 

Cheddar Cheese and Pecan Crisps on plates.

You could cut these crackers into squares or strips if you prefer. Just be sure that you are using a very sharp cutter or knife so that they will rise into layers. 

Ingredients in these Cheddar Cheese and Pecan Crisps:

Sharp cheddar cheese: Be sure to freshly grate it yourself. You can also add a little bit of good sharp cheese such as Parmesan or Romano to bump up the flavor. I used a ratio of four-to-one cheddar to Parmesan and was super happy with the results. 

Flour, salt, baking powder, cold butter, a large egg, and a large egg yolk for brushing: It's perfectly fine for the egg to be cold. No need to bring it to room temperature. 

Spices: Cayenne powder and a little paprika for the egg wash. You can also add a little chile powder if you like (I did). 

Finely chopped pecans: I actually used pecan meal, but you can chop your own pecans if you'd like it to be a bit more visible. I had a bag of Millican Pecan meal in the freezer, which worked perfectly, and made it easy to hide the fact that there were nuts in these crisps. 

Cheddar Cheese and Pecan Crisps before baking.

While the dough for these crackers feels like shortbread when you roll it out and cut it, it actually behaves like biscuit dough. The crackers rise up while baking, not out, and the crackers become light, airy, and super flaky. 

You can bake them fairly close together, about one half inch apart. 

How to Make these Cheddar and Pecan Crackers:

First, pulse the flour, salt, baking powder, and cayenne powder in the bowl of a food processor. 

Next, dump in cubed cold butter and pulse about 10 times. 

After that, add the cheese and ground pecans and pulse, and then add the egg and pulse until the dough just comes together. 

Form the dough into a disk and refrigerate it overnight. The next day, roll the dough out to 1/4 inch thick, cut it, brush it with an egg wash, and bake for about fourteen minutes. 

Cheddar Cheese and Pecan Crisps stacked.

These crisps are so savory, rich and cheesy, and delicious! If you like these, be sure to check out my Sourdough Crackers with Gruyère and Thyme. They are less buttery and nutty, but just as savory, cheesy, and flaky. 

Make-ahead and Ingredient Substitution Tips:

Instead of the ground pecans, you can use ground walnuts. As mentioned, you can also chop the nuts yourself for a more distinct "nutty presence." 

You can play with the cheese and spices or substitute dried herbs. I'm looking forward to trying a combination of Gruyère cheese and herbes de Provence. 

Once you've made the dough, you can chill it in the refrigerator for up to two days, or freeze it for up to three months. 

Once you've made the crackers, they will keep in an air tight container for at least two days. 

Cheddar Cheese and Pecan Crisps on plates.

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Recipe adapted from Fine Cooking Appetizers, published 2009. You can also use this dough for a wonderful savory tart crust. 

Cheddar Cheese and Pecan Crisps on plates

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  1. These homemade crackers would be lovely on a charcuterie tray.

    1. They would! We've got the nuts, cheese, and crackers covered, lol.

  2. These crackers are SO delicious! Love the flavors and it is great for snacking as well as entertaining.


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