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Dec 14, 2021

Christmas Wreath Focaccia

This Christmas wreath focaccia is fun to decorate and even more fun to eat. 

Christmas focaccia bread in pan.


To decorate it, I used large flat leaf parsley (which I had growing in a pot on my patio), scallions, cherry tomatoes, mini pepperonis, mini sweet peppers, and, to add flavor, mini fresh mozzarella pearls. 

You don't have to limit yourself to the ingredients I used. Use whatever you have on hand, including rosemary, sage, basil, roasted garlic, sliced red onions, chives, prosciutto, salami, or kale. 

You can even knead some greens into the dough before baking. 

Christmas wreath focaccia in a pan.

I think it would be so fun to make this focaccia with kids. The recipe makes two 10 inch rounds, and you could make the dough through the second rise and then let the kids go to town decorating them.

I think I sort of under decorated this focaccia and probably could have doubled the amount of parsley that I used. It looked super full before baking, but as the parsley wilted, it looked a bit more sparse. 

Christmas wreath focaccia in a pan before baking.

Regardless, the beauty of this focaccia is its flavor, no matter how you top it. 

This focaccia begins with a "sponge" that you let rise overnight. After that, you mix the dough and let it rise, stretching and folding it after it doubles and letting it rise a second time. 

After that, you divide the dough and spread it out into a ten inch cake pan that has been spread with good olive oil. The flavor is amazing and the crust is super crispy. 

Christmas wreath focaccia slices.


This dough is super hydrated. You will need to use wet or oiled hands to work with it, but once you get used to working with wet dough, you'll really love the light and airy results. 

You will need two 10 inch cake pans, which are super reasonably priced and you can easily find at any craft store. 

In addition, you will need a stand mixer for mixing the dough. The dough is just too wet to knead by hand. 

Christmas bread focaccia.

This focaccia can be served warm from the oven, cut into wedges. Leftovers are delicious re-warmed in a 350 degree F oven for about 10 minutes. Wrap it loosely in foil before heating. 

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Christmas wreath focaccia with salt and olive oil.

This is about the lightest focaccia ever! It's tear apart delicious and amazing dipped in your favorite tomato basil sauce. 

To keep the greens in the wreath green, spray them with water just before baking, and then spray them one more time abount half way through baking. This will help keep them from turning brown. 

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Christmas Wreath Focaccia  in a pan.

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  1. Karen, it is absolutely beautiful and so festive!

  2. I love your wreath! I wanted to do a Christmas tree foccacia but when I went shopping, I could only find green things. Didn't want only tomatoes and never thought of using pepperoni. Great idea for the next time I try something like this.

    1. That sounds delicious. Thanks so much for hosting.

  3. I wondered how you put the parsley on before baking and not have it brown up. Great tip and the wreath turned out lovely.

    1. Thanks! I kept staring it in the oven to "will" it to not turn brown.

  4. This looks SO pretty and sounds absolutely delicious!

  5. I love what the little mozz pearls did, sinking in and getting gooey. It looks gorgeous, I think it would be a fantastic Christmas Eve dinner, with everyone helping decorate or even doing personal wreaths.

    1. Did you see the gooey cheese in the slice? So good!! And definitely a great Christmas activity.

  6. Hello Karen, never seen such a beautiful, flavourful and light focaccia. The crumb is amazing.

  7. This focaccia looks delicious. I like this Christmas wreath focaccia easy and delicious perfect for the Christmas table.

  8. This is the a beautiful Christmas bread!

  9. We made this gorgeous and delicious bread for Christmas Eve this year, it was not only fun, but was so delicious!

  10. OMG! Amazing wreath Focaccia Karen! Love all your breads.


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