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Dec 20, 2021

Mexican Chocolate Cake

This Mexican Chocolate Cake is faintly spiced with cinnamon and cayenne pepper, reminding you of the flavors of Mexican hot chocolate. 

Mexican Chocolate Cake with sprinkles on top.

This cake is frosted with a mixture of melted chocolate chips and heavy cream that you spice with cinnamon, cayenne, and coffee liqueur or extract, and then you whip in a stand mixer until thick. 

The cake itself is super moist and decadent. I purposely slightly under baked it so that the center would be almost gooey and the cake would stay moist. 

I'm a big fan of the flavors of Mexican hot chocolate and have incorporated them into cookies and even ice cream. This cake and the frosting incorporate the flavors beautifully. 

The frosting for this cake is referred to as a ganache (a mixture of heavy cream and chocolate), but it is not a typical ganache that must be poured immediately after the chocolate melts lest it it solidify too soon. 

When you first pour the hot cream over the chocolate chips and realize that the mixture is pretty thin, ganache will not come to mind. However, once you whip everything in your stand mixer with the whisk attachment, and you get a thick and tasty frosting, you will breathe a sigh of relief. 

Mexican Chocolate Cake frosted.

In fact, you will probably sneak more tastes than you need to because it's so chocolate-y and delicious. 

I made this cake for my daughter's birthday. When you have a birthday that is so close to Christmas, it's always nice when you get to celebrate it with something that is not Christmas themed. 

You can frost this cake fully, covering all of the cake, or you can do the "almost naked" look, where some of the cake shows through on the sides. If you go "almost naked," you can add the rest of the frosting to the middle and top of the cake. 

Mexican Chocolate Cake Slice on a plate.

To make this cake, the only special equipment you will need are two six inch cake pans

That's assuming you have either a hand held or stand mixer (the stand mixer is super handy for making the frosting because it takes a few minutes). 

This cake is super easy to make. Plus, it's little, just enough to serve eight without any leftovers. It makes a wonderful birthday or celebration cake. 

Welcome to this month's Cake Slice Bakers! 

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This is our last cake from Little Everyday Cakes - and traditionally our last bake for the year is free choice, and our choices for December 2021 were ~

Mexican Chocolate Cake on a cake stand.

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  1. This looks SO beautifully moist and delicious - that frosting looks AMAZING!!

  2. What a cute cake!! And the Kahlua, cayenne, and cinnamon just make it extra special

    1. I love the flavors of Mexican hot chocolate.

  3. The cake looks delicious, but you know that frosting caught my eye. It looks so tasty!

  4. Nice! That cut slice says it all. That frosting - yum!


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