Aug 20, 2018

Blueberry Boy Bait Cake | #TheCakeSliceBakers

Blueberry Boy Bait Cake is a tasty, buttery, blueberry filled sheet cake that is topped with a layer of cinnamon sugar.

Blueberry Boy Bait Cake

How did Blueberry Boy Bait get its name? Evidently it was the name of a cake entered into the 1954 Pillsbury Bake Off, and won second prize. The baker said that it was named for it's irresistable pull on young men (the baker was 15).

Later, Cook's Country magazine decided to test the recipe and made a few changes, such as using butter instead of shortening in the cake. It's now also one of the recipes in America's Test Kitchen their new book, The Perfect Cake.

Blueberry Boy Bait Cake on a plate

This cake is buttery and delicious. It's studded with blueberries and topped with a crunchy cinnamon sugar. It's great as a snack cake or even a breakfast cake.

The cake is super easy to make, and you can use either fresh or frozen blueberries. The recipe says it serves 12, but it could easily be stretched to serve double that.

I wish I could share the recipe with you but the publisher did not give permission. However, if you Google the name of the cake, you'll find that the recipe is readily available, for example, here. Or get the book! You won't regret it.

Each month The Cake Slice Bakers are offered a selection of cakes from the current book we are baking through. This year it is The Perfect Cake from America's Test Kitchen #atkcake. We each choose one cake to bake, and then on the 20th - never before - we all post about our cake on our blogs. There are a few rules that we follow, but the most important ones are to have fun and enjoy baking & eating cakes!

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The choices for August were Blueberry Boy Bait, Raspberry Charlotte, Blackberry-Mascarpone Lemon Cake, and Peanut Butter and Jam Cake.

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Blueberry Boy Bait Cake topped with cinnamon sugar #cake #blueberries #coffeecake


  1. Excellent, Karen. Looks like a keeper!

  2. This looks so great, Karen! Awesome pictures and a nice looking cake!

  3. Looks perfect Karen. Suspect that you used fresh blueberries, right? Love the top photo with the fresh blueberry garnish. Is this one easy to make?

    1. I did use fresh blueberries. This cake is easy!

  4. I can't wait to pick up a punnet of blueberries and try this cake. Your cake looks so enticing and the photos really draw you in - so glad you are baking with The Cake Slice Bakers.

    1. Thank you! This one was really easy and so delicious.

  5. Yum! This will definitely be on my schedule for next blueberry season.


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